Picture frames are essential for anyone looking to preserve and showcase their favorite photos, mirrors, and artwork. Not only do they protect these items from the elements, but they also serve as a key aspect of home decoration. With an array of styles, from modern black picture frames to ornate silver options, there is a frame to suit every piece and preference.

When choosing a picture frame, consider the medium of the artwork or photo. A delicate watercolor might benefit from a light, airy frame, while a bold, graphic print could stand up to a thicker, more substantial border. The right frame not only safeguards your piece but also enhances its visual appeal, making it a focal point in any room.

What Shape to Choose

The shape and size of a frame are crucial factors to consider. A mismatched frame can overpower or underwhelm the artwork or photo it holds. For a cohesive look, ensure that the frame's proportions complement the piece. A panoramic landscape might call for a longer, more slender frame, while a square-shaped photo could be perfectly paired with a chunky, rustic frame.

What Colors Make the Picture Standout

Colors play a significant role in frame selection as well. A black picture frame offers a classic, versatile look that can fit into almost any room, while a white frame provides a fresh, clean border that makes colors pop. For those looking to add a bit of luxury, silver picture frames can add a touch of elegance without overwhelming the space.

Types of Frame Materials

The material of a picture frame also affects both its appearance and durability. Wooden frames offer a warm, traditional feel and come in a range of finishes, from natural grains to painted colors. Metal frames, on the other hand, lend a sleek, modern edge and are often available in finishes like matte, glossy, or brushed.

For those on a budget, affordable picture frame options do not have to mean low quality. Many shops offer a range of price points, allowing you to choose a frame that meets your financial needs without sacrificing style or protection. It's possible to find a high-quality, attractive frame that won't break the bank.

The Importance of Where to Place the Frame

When it comes to displaying your frames, the options are plentiful. Whether you choose to hang your frames on the wall, place them on shelves, or lean them against a surface, the way you showcase your frames can add to the room's decoration. Collections of frames can be arranged on a gallery wall, creating a striking visual impact and telling a story with your photos and artwork.

Privacy is also a consideration when placing picture frames in your home. For more personal items, you might opt for fewer public spaces, ensuring that your memories are shared only with those you choose. Conversely, artwork or decorative photos can be placed in common areas to be enjoyed by all who enter your space.


Picture frames are more than just decorative items; they are guardians of our most treasured memories and expressions of art. With a vast selection of styles, sizes, shapes, and materials, frames offer a way to enhance and protect these pieces while adding to the overall decor of a home. From the classic elegance of a black picture frame to the rustic charm of a wooden border, there is a frame to match every piece and every budget. By considering factors such as medium, color, and material, you can select the perfect frame to complement your space and showcase your photos and artwork in style.

Need help? We've done the research for you and found the Best Picture Frames on Amazon. Every day, we read hundreds of reviews and try the highest-rated products we have on our list.

Best Picture Frames - Reviews

The Best

Golden State Art - Aluminum Photo Frame with Ivory Mat.

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Product information

This black picture frame is a sleek and stylish option for displaying your treasured memories or artwork. Its main feature is its black aluminum frame, complete with real glass. The aluminum metal border provides a modern and minimalist aesthetic, ensuring the focus remains on your displayed content. The frame's robust construction guarantees longevity, while the real glass offers superior protection and clarity for your photos or prints.

The frame includes an ivory color mat with an opening size of 7.5 x 9.5 inches, perfect for an 8 x 10-inch picture. This bevel-cut ivory mat enhances the presentation of your photo by creating a visual border, adding depth, and drawing attention to the picture. Alternatively, the frame can accommodate an 11 x 14-inch picture without the mat. This flexibility allows you to choose how to best showcase your photos or artwork based on their size and your personal preference.

The frame comes equipped with user-friendly features that simplify the setup process. It includes saw-tooth hangers for easy wall display, spring retention clips for secure photo placement, and corner spring clips for quick assembly and disassembly. This frame's simplicity of design ensures that your art remains the star of the show.

Crafted from aluminum and real glass, this frame exudes durability and elegance, ensuring the protection and display of your pictures in style.

With an overall size of 11.4 x 14.4 inches, this frame is designed to accommodate
8 x 10 pictures with the included ivory mat, or 11 x 14 pictures without the mat, providing flexibility in displaying different photo sizes.

Equipped with sawtooth hangers and spring clips, this frame simplifies the process of wall mounting, allowing for easy and secure placement on your desired wall space.

The frame's color options might be limited, potentially restricting its ability to perfectly complement various interior design aesthetics.

While the included ivory mat adds a touch of sophistication, its sizing may not be suitable for all picture dimensions, limiting versatility in mat usage.

Our Thoughts - The Golden State Art, 11 x 14 Aluminum Photo Frame with Ivory Mat for 8 x 10 Pictures presents a strong case as an elegant and durable framing option for your treasured photographs. Its high-quality construction and versatile sizing are standout features, while considerations regarding color options and mat sizing could be taken into account based on individual preferences. We love it!

Very Good

Frametory - 11x14 Picture Frame - To Display Pictures 8x10 with Mat or 11x14 Without Mat.

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Product information

This photo frame is a versatile decor piece that's perfect for elevating your artwork. Suitable for various settings, it can seamlessly blend into the decor of your living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, or bathroom. It's also an excellent choice for commercial spaces like bars, hotels, and restaurants. The frame's ability to enhance any artwork makes it a delightful addition to any wall decoration. Furthermore, it's an ideal gift option for occasions like Christmas and New Year, allowing loved ones to display their cherished memories or favorite art pieces.

The frame is designed with user-friendly features, including two sturdy hangers attached to the back. These hangers make it easy to display the frame either vertically or horizontally, giving you the flexibility to choose the best orientation for your picture. Additionally, the frame is equipped with turn buttons at the back, which provide easy access and simplify the process of loading pictures. This thoughtful design ensures a hassle-free experience, from setting up the frame to swapping out photos or prints.

The frame itself boasts smooth molding, offering a clean, modern look that can complement any document, print, or photograph. It also provides a flexible display option, allowing you to use the frame with or without a mat. This adaptability enables you to customize the frame's appearance according to the piece you're showcasing. Whether you're looking to display a treasured family photo or a prized art print, this simple and modern frame is sure to highlight the beauty of your featured piece.

It comes with an ivory color mat for 8x10 pictures and can accommodate an 11 x 14 picture without the mat. This feature allows you to choose how you want to showcase your photographs.

The wide molding design adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to your photos. It's understated yet stunning, making it suitable for any piece.

The frame comes with pre-installed wall mounting hardware, making it easy to hang. This feature saves time and reduces the hassle of installation.

While the frame comes in stunning white or beautifully understated black, the limited color options may not suit all design aesthetics.

The included mat is perfect for 8 x 10 pictures, but if your photo doesn't fit these dimensions, you'll need to use the frame without the mat.

Our Thoughts - The Frametory, 11x14 Picture Frame - Made to Display Pictures 8x10 with Mat or 11x14 Without Mat is a versatile, elegant, and practical option for displaying your cherished memories.

Good Value

Amazon Basics - Rectangular Photo Picture Frame.

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Product information

Delight in the simplicity and elegance of these classic photo frames, available in two timeless color options - silver and black. These frames, with their minimalist design, offer a stylish solution for showcasing your treasured photographs or artwork. Whether you're looking to accentuate a black-and-white print or a vibrant photo, these frames provide the perfect backdrop without distracting from the picture itself.

One of the standout features of these frames is their adaptability in terms of display options. They come equipped with an easel back, making them perfect for standing on a shelf or tabletop. This feature allows you to easily incorporate your favorite photos into any room decor, from a home office to a living room. In addition to this, the frames also include hooks for wall hanging. The ability to hang these frames either horizontally or vertically means you can choose the orientation that best suits your picture and space.

These frames aren't just about aesthetic appeal; they also offer functionality and protection for your prints. Each frame comes with a glass face designed to shield your pictures from potential wear and tear, helping to keep them looking their best for longer. It's important to understand the sizing of these frames - they can accommodate a 5"x 7" picture without a mat, and a 4"x 6" picture with a mat. Please note that the 4"x 6" size refers to the actual size of the picture that will be displayed, not the overall dimensions of the frame product.

This frame is designed to fit both 5 x 7 and 4 x 6 photos, making it a flexible choice for displaying a variety of picture sizes.

Customers have praised this product for its excellent value. The robust build quality combined with an affordable price tag makes it a fantastic deal.

The frame's simple and classic design ensures it can complement any decor style. Available in silver or black, it allows your photos to be the center of attention.

The frame includes an easel-back, making it easy to display on a tabletop or desk.

While the frame comes in silver and black, these limited color choices might not suit everyone's aesthetic preferences.

The included mat perfectly fits 4 x 6 photos. However, if your photo dimensions are different, you'll need to use the frame without the mat.

Our Thoughts - The Amazon Basics 5" x 7" Rectangular Photo Picture Frame or 4" x 6" with Mat offers a practical and stylish solution for showcasing your precious memories. Its versatility, value for money, and ease of use make it a compelling choice, while considerations regarding color options and mat size could be taken into account based on individual needs.


Upsimples - Picture Frame Certificate, 5 Pack Diploma Frames.

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Product information

Presenting a set of five Certificate Frames, all standardized to the same dimensions. These frames are designed to perfectly accommodate 8.5" x 11" pictures or documents. Whether you're looking to showcase your educational achievements, professional certificates, or memorable photos, these frames provide an ideal display solution.

Despite their lightweight construction, these 8.5" x 11" document frames boast a well-crafted design. They are equipped with high-definition glass that not only enhances the visual appeal of your displayed items but also offers superior protection. This sturdy glass cover safeguards your precious documents and photos from potential scratches, ensuring they remain in pristine condition for a long time.

The Upsimples 8.5' x 11' diploma frameset is more than just a practical item; it's also a reflection of classic taste and sophistication. With its simple yet timeless design, this frameset can complement any home or office decor, adding a touch of elegance to any space. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this frameset makes a thoughtful graduation gift. It's a heartfelt way to celebrate someone's accomplishment and provide them with a keepsake that will remind them of their success.

This frame is lightweight yet robust, and it comes with high-definition glass that offers better protection from scratches.

The frame is designed for both wall and tabletop display, providing flexibility in how you want to showcase your achievements.

The product comes in a pack of 5 frames, making it a cost-effective solution if you have multiple documents to display.

While the plastic construction contributes to the frame's lightweight nature, it may not provide the same level of protection as other materials.

The frame is designed without a mat, which may limit the visual appeal for some users who prefer a border around their documents.

The frame accommodates 8.5' x 11' documents, which could be restrictive if you have documents of different sizes.

Our Thoughts - The Upsimples 8.5' x 11' Picture Frame Certificate Document Frame with High Definition Glass, 5 Pack Diploma Frames for Wall and Tabletop is a versatile and practical option for displaying your important documents. Its quality material, value pack, and easy installation make it a compelling choice, while considerations regarding its plastic construction, lack of mat, and size restriction could be taken into account based on individual needs.


Craig Frames - Marais II, Gold French Country Style Picture Frame.

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Product information

Infuse a touch of rustic elegance into your decor with this French country-style photo frame. Painted in a rich gold color, the frame boasts an embossed finish that adds depth and character to its appearance. Its design embodies the essence of French Country style, characterized by its warm and inviting aesthetic that effortlessly blends traditional charm with a touch of sophistication.

This frame is not just about looks; it also offers functionality and durability. It comes complete with glass, rigid black backing, and pre-attached stamped hanging hardware, ensuring it's ready for display right out of the box. The frame is designed to hold an 8-inch by 10-inch photo or print. However, it's important to note that the viewable area is reduced by .25" on each side due to the frame lip, subtly framing your picture and drawing focus towards the image.

Constructed with a solid wood core and a composite exterior, the frame molding measures 2.75 inches wide, providing a sturdy and robust structure. Despite its substantial build, the frame retains a sleek profile that doesn't overpower your displayed image. Please note that this frame is intended for wall hanging only. The included hanging hardware allows for both portrait and landscape orientation, offering you the flexibility to display your photo or print in the way that best suits its composition.

This frame boasts a French Country style with an embossed finish, which adds an elegant and sophisticated touch to your photos or artwork.

The frame is made from solid wood, offering a strong and durable construction that can withstand the test of time.

The frame comes with pre-attached stamped hanging hardware, simplifying the process of displaying your favorite photos or prints.

The frame includes a glass front that protects your photos or prints from dust and damage.

The frame is designed to hold an 8 by 10-inch photo or print, which may not accommodate all sizes of artwork or photos.

While the gold color adds a touch of luxury, it might not suit all decor styles or personal preferences.

The frame does not include a mat, which some users might prefer for a more framed look or to accommodate smaller pictures.

Our Thoughts - The Craig Frames, Marais II, Gold French Country Style Picture Frame, 8' x 10" offers a blend of elegance, quality, and functionality. Its design and versatility make it an attractive choice, while considerations regarding size, color, and lack of mat could be taken into account based on individual needs.


J Devlin Glass Art - Clear Vintage Stained Glass Picture Frame Tabletop.

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Product information

Introducing a tabletop photo frame that combines functionality with a touch of antique charm. Crafted in clear glass, the frame features an embossed vintage texture that adds depth and character to its appearance. Its filigree corners and beaded edge further enhance its vintage appeal, making it a standout piece in any setting. This frame is not just a holder for your photos; it's a statement piece that adds a touch of elegance to your decor.

This 5 x 7 picture frame is designed with versatility in mind. It features an easel back, allowing it to stand upright on a tabletop or shelf. The frame can accommodate both horizontal and vertical photos, so you can choose the layout that best fits your image. Whether you want to display a cherished family photo or a memorable moment from a special occasion, this frame provides the perfect showcase.

While this frame makes a beautiful addition to any home decor, it's particularly suited as a wedding frame or family photo frame. Its vintage design lends itself well to romantic and nostalgic themes, making it a beautiful way to display treasured memories. Moreover, this handcrafted stained glass keepsake frame is made with lead-free solder, ensuring it's not only safe for you but also kind to the environment. This consideration for safety and sustainability adds another layer of appeal to this stunning frame.

The frame features clear glass with an embossed vintage texture, filigree corners, and a beaded edge, adding a touch of classic elegance to your photos.

This product is made from high-quality stained glass, ensuring durability while adding a unique aesthetic appeal.

The frame comes with an easel back, allowing for an easy tabletop display.

The frame features clear glass sides, providing stability and a unique style that sets it apart from other frames.

This frame is designed to hold a 5" x 7" photo, which may not accommodate all sizes of prints or photos.

While the glass construction adds to its aesthetic appeal, it could also make the frame more susceptible to breakage if not handled with care.

The frame does not include a mat, which some users might prefer for a more framed look or to accommodate smaller prints.

Our Thoughts - The J Devlin Glass Art Clear Vintage Stained Glass Picture Frame Tabletop 5" x 7" Photo offers a mix of vintage charm and modern design. Its unique features and quality material make it an appealing choice, while considerations regarding size, glass construction, and lack of mat should be taken into account based on individual needs.

FAQ Section

What should I consider when choosing a picture frame for my photo or artwork? 
When selecting a picture frame, consider the medium, size, and style of the piece, as well as the color and material of the frame. Ensure that the frame complements the artwork or photo without overwhelming it.

How can I display my picture frames to enhance my room's decoration? 
Picture frames can be hung on walls, placed on shelves, or leaned against surfaces. Arranging collections of frames in a gallery wall can create a focal point and add a personal touch to your room's decoration.

Are there affordable picture frame options that are still of good quality? 
Yes, many shops offer a range of picture frames at different price points. It's possible to find affordable frames that do not compromise on quality or style, ensuring that you can protect and display your photos and artwork without exceeding your budget.

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