A paper towel holder serves as more than just a convenient dispensing tool; it seamlessly integrates into the aesthetic of any kitchen decor. Whether it's a countertop model or a wall-mounted version, the wide array of available designs ensures that there's a perfect fit for every kitchen style, from contemporary to traditional.

The Essential Kitchen Companion

Paper towel holders have transcended their practical role to become a statement piece in the modern kitchen. Not just a mere accessory, they are an indispensable tool for anyone who loves to keep their cooking and dining area tidy and well-organized. With the right holder, paper towels are always within reach, making it easy to clean up spills or dry hands without interrupting the flow of kitchen activities.

Material Matters: From Plastic to Nickel

When it comes to selecting a paper towel holder, the material is a significant consideration. Plastic options are lightweight and often more affordable, making them a popular choice for those on a budget. Metal holders, on the other hand, are known for their durability and stability. They come in various finishes, such as stainless steel or nickel, adding a touch of elegance to any kitchen. Ceramic holders provide a unique, artisanal look that can complement a variety of decor styles.

Convenience at Its Best

The convenience of having paper towels at your fingertips cannot be overstated. Whether it's a stand model that sits proudly on your countertop or a wall-mounted version that saves precious space, the ease of access is a game-changer in kitchen efficiency. Moreover, many designs now incorporate features such as tension arms or ratcheting systems to ensure a seamless tear-off, one sheet at a time.

Storage Solutions That Fit Your Space

No matter the size of your kitchen, there's a paper towel holder designed to fit your space perfectly. For smaller areas, under-cabinet or in-cabinet options can be a space-saver, while still keeping paper towels handy. In larger kitchens, a freestanding holder can serve as a functional centerpiece, easily movable to wherever it's needed most.

A Variety of Styles for Every Taste

The beauty of paper towel holders lies in the variety of styles available. From the minimalist designs that blend seamlessly into any decor to the more ornate models that stand out as a decorative element, there's something for everyone. This variety ensures that whether you're at home or work, you can find a paper towel holder that not only does the job but also reflects your style.

Practical and Stylish: Why You'll Love Them

Ultimately, the combination of practicality and style is what makes paper towel holders a beloved accessory. They are a simple yet effective solution to keeping your kitchen organized and your paper towels easily accessible. With the multitude of options available, you can choose a holder that works best for your needs and enhances the overall look of your kitchen.


Paper towel holders are the unsung heroes of kitchen convenience, offering easy access to paper towels while adding a touch of style to the space. With a range of materials like plastic, metal, and ceramic, and a variety of designs to fit any kitchen or workplace, these holders are both practical and chic. They provide a sleek solution to store and dispense paper towels, ensuring that they are always within arm's reach when you need them most.

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Best Paper Towel Holder - Reviews

The Best

OXO - Paper Towel Holder

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Product information

Discover the ultimate convenience with our paper towel holder, featuring a convenient carrying knob for easy transport and a one-handed design for quick cleanup. The smooth rotation ensures effortless ripping, while the stainless steel construction not only complements any kitchen decor but also guarantees durability and elegance. With a raised lip to keep even jumbo-sized rolls contained and a weighted non-slip base for extra stability, this holder offers both practical functionality and stylish design for your everyday needs.

Elevate your kitchen experience with our meticulously designed paper towel holder, engineered to provide seamless usability and lasting performance. From its effortless one-handed design to its stable and secure base, this holder is tailored to meet the demands of modern households, offering a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The weighted non-slip base provides exceptional stability, ensuring that the paper towel roll stays securely in place, even during quick tearing.

The built-in carrying knob allows for easy transport, making it effortless to move the paper towels wherever they are needed, adding an extra level of convenience to the user experience.

Crafted with sleek stainless steel, this holder complements any kitchen decor, adding a touch of elegance to its practical functionality.

Some users may find that this paper towel holder is best suited for standard-sized rolls, potentially posing a limitation for those who prefer larger or irregularly sized paper towels.

Our Thoughts - The OXO Good Grips Steady Paper Towel Holder offers stability, convenience, and stylish design, making it a valuable addition to any kitchen.

Very Good

Simplehuman - Paper Towel Holder, Wall Mount.

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Product information

Crafted with the finest materials and robust engineering, our products are built to withstand challenging environments, ensuring longevity and reliability in your home for years to come. The ring spring feature prevents unraveling and offers the perfect resistance for easy, one-handed tearing of a single sheet at a time. With a die-cast metal bracket and an oversized stainless steel rod, our paper towel holder guarantees quick and effortless roll changes, enhancing convenience and practicality in your daily routine.

Measuring 13.1" W x 3" D x 4.9" H, this paper towel holder is designed for optimal functionality and space efficiency, catering to diverse user needs while complementing various kitchen and bathroom settings. Experience the seamless blend of durability, practical design, and user-friendly features, offering a premium solution for your paper towel dispensing needs.

The brushed stainless steel construction adds a touch of modern elegance to any kitchen decor, making it a visually appealing addition to the space.

Mounting the paper towel holder on the wall, effectively saves valuable countertop space, providing a clutter-free and organized kitchen environment.

The innovative tension spring allows for easy tearing of individual paper towels, promoting efficiency and minimizing waste.

Some consumers may find the limited color options restrictive when attempting to match the holder with their kitchen's aesthetic.

While some users appreciate the simplicity of manual dispensing, others may prefer an automated feature for added convenience.

Our Thoughts - The Simplehuman Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder in Stainless Steel offers a blend of functionality, durability, and modern design, making it a desirable choice for individuals seeking an organized and visually appealing kitchen space.

Good Value

VEHHE - Paper Towel Holder, Countertop.

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Product information

Introducing a versatile freestanding paper towel holder and dispenser designed for kitchens or bathrooms lacking wall-mounted fixtures. The angled tip of this countertop paper towel holder not only enhances convenience but also adds an appealing feature to your home decor. With easy mobility, it effortlessly complements various spaces, offering a practical and aesthetic solution for your paper towel needs.

Enhanced with an upgraded installation, the bottom of this paper towel holder now features four round suction cups, ensuring strong adhesion to smooth surfaces. This innovation provides stable support, preventing loosening or shaking during usage, further enhancing the reliability and functionality of this essential kitchen accessory.

Measuring 13.8 x 6.7 x 2 inches, this paper plate dispenser boasts a simple yet space-efficient design that accommodates most standard paper towels available in the market. Experience the perfect blend of practicality and style with this compact and versatile countertop addition, tailored to meet your everyday needs.

The freestanding feature of this paper towel holder allows for easy mobility, making it an ideal option for kitchens or bathrooms that require flexibility in placement.

The inclusion of a weighted base and suction cups ensures stability and prevents tipping, providing a secure and reliable foundation for tearing off paper towels.

Crafted from stainless steel, this holder offers long-lasting durability and resistance to daily wear and tear, ensuring a reliable and sturdy addition to any space.

The availability of color options may be limited, potentially restricting choices for consumers seeking specific aesthetic preferences.

Our Thoughts - The VEHHE Paper Towel Holder Countertop presents a blend of practical features, including a freestanding design, stable base with suction cups, and durable stainless steel construction.


Kasunto - Paper Towel Holder.

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Product information

Experience hassle-free setup with our black paper towel holder, designed for simple installation without the need for any tools. With dimensions of D 7.1" x W 7.1" x H 15.5", this compact yet robust holder takes up minimal space, making it an ideal countertop addition for any kitchen and dining table. The circular base ensures stability, allowing for easy retrieval of paper towels without leaning, all without the requirement for drilling, providing seamless usage and convenience.

Our black paper towel holder boasts a weighted base, offering enhanced stability and preventing flipping during use, ensuring it remains firmly planted on your countertop. Equipped with a protective PU material pad on the bottom, this holder safeguards your tabletop or kitchen countertop from harm, providing both security and peace of mind. With a weight of 1.22 lbs and a sturdy metal structure, the KASUNTO standing paper towel holder is designed to stay in place, resisting tipping over and maintaining stability. Crafted from high-quality, anti-rust metal with an environmentally friendly black coating, this countertop paper towel holder is compatible with standard and large-size paper towels, catering to diverse user needs.

The heavy weighted base provides exceptional stability, preventing tipping or shaking, and ensuring that the paper towel holder remains securely in place during use.

It is designed to accommodate both standard and jumbo-sized paper towel rolls, catering to diverse user preferences and needs.

The head of the holder is equipped with a ring that allows for effortless lifting of the paper towel roll, enhancing user convenience.

The available color options may be limited, potentially restricting choices for consumers seeking specific aesthetic preferences.

While the holder accommodates standard and jumbo rolls, it may not be suitable for exceptionally wide paper towel rolls, posing a consideration for some users.

Our Thoughts - The Kasunto Paper Towel Holder (Heavy Weighted Base) Steel Paper Towel Holder Countertop offers a blend of stability, versatility, and contemporary design, making it a practical and stylish addition to kitchens, bars, and dining areas.


Kamenstein - Paper Towel Holder, Wall Mount.

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Product information

Revolutionize your paper towel experience with our wall-mounted perfect tear paper towel holder. Featuring an ingenious ratchet system, this holder prevents rolls from unraveling, allowing you to effortlessly tear off one piece at a time. Say goodbye to wasted paper towels and hello to enhanced convenience in your kitchen, bathroom, garage, laundry room, playroom, workshop, or craft room. Its space-saving design makes it an ideal option for your RV, camper, and motor home, offering practicality without sacrificing quality or style.

The interior wire roller of this paper towel holder is crafted from durable aluminum, ensuring flexibility and compatibility with various paper towel roll sizes. From regular rolls to standard rolls, select-a-size rolls, and even jumbo-sized rolls, this versatile holder is designed to accommodate them all.

The patented 'Perfect Tear Technology' features a ratchet system that prevents paper towel rolls from unraveling, allowing for effortless tearing of individual sheets, enhancing user convenience, and reducing wastage.

With a charming rounded finial design and a sleek silver finish, this 14-inch paper towel holder adds an elegant touch to any kitchen or utility area, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the space.

As a wall mount holder, it may have limited placement options compared to countertop models, which may pose constraints for users with specific spatial requirements.

Our Thoughts - The Kamenstein 4554ASB Perfect Tear Patented Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder with Rounded Finial, 14-inch, Silver offers a combination of innovative technology, durability, and stylish design.


Dear Household - Paper Towel Holder.

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Product information

Experience unparalleled convenience with our exclusive paper towel holder stand, designed for effortless one-handed use. The patented mechanism ensures that you can tear off a whole sheet every time, even when the roll is nearly depleted. From drying your hands to tackling spills, this holder allows you to manage tasks with ease, even when dealing with dripping wet hands.

This weighted paper towel holder is engineered for stability and reliability. Equipped with four powerful suction cups, the weighted base firmly adheres to any level surface, whether it's a slick kitchen counter or a butcher-block workbench. Rest assured, this stand is crafted to protect your countertops and tabletops from scratches, providing a secure and dependable solution for your paper towel needs.

Opt for strength and durability with our stainless steel paper towel holder. Constructed from robust 430 stainless steel, renowned for its exceptional resistance to rust and corrosion, this holder offers longevity and a sleek, polished aesthetic. Say goodbye to flimsy alternatives and elevate your home decor with the superior quality and gleaming shine of our stainless steel paper towel holder.

The sturdy weighted base, combined with suction cups, ensures stability and prevents the holder from tipping over, enhancing user experience and safety.

This countertop model accommodates all standard paper towel rolls, offering versatility and practicality for various household needs.

Crafted from stainless steel, this holder promises durability and resistance to corrosion, ensuring a long-lasting addition to any kitchen or bathroom space.

The countertop model may require sufficient space, posing a consideration for those with limited countertop areas in their kitchen or bathroom.

Our Thoughts - The Dear Household Stainless Steel Paper Towel Holder Stand offers a blend of convenience, stability, and stylish design, making it a practical and visually appealing addition to any household.

FAQ Section

What types of materials are paper towel holders made from? 
Paper towel holders are available in a range of materials, including plastic, metal, and ceramic. Metal options may include finishes like stainless steel or nickel for added durability and style.

Can paper towel holders be mounted to save space? 
Yes, several space-saving designs are available, such as under-cabinet or in-cabinet holders, as well as wall-mounted units, which are perfect for smaller kitchens or to keep countertops clutter-free.

Are there paper towel holders that can prevent the roll from unraveling? 
Many modern paper towel holders come with features like tension arms or ratcheting systems that allow for a controlled tear-off, preventing the roll from unraveling and ensuring you can easily grab one sheet at a time.

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