Chandeliers have long been associated with opulence and grandeur, transforming any room they grace with an air of sophistication. From the flickering candles of yesteryear to the dazzling modern chandelier lights of today, these fixtures have evolved to become a staple in home decor. Whether you're looking to add a touch of elegance to your foyer or create a warm ambiance in your dining room, a chandelier can elevate every moment with its sparkle.

The choice of a chandelier is crucial in setting the tone for a room. A traditional chandelier with gold accents can convey a sense of classic luxury, while a contemporary piece with a sleek black finish might suggest modern minimalism. The key is to find the perfect match for your space and style, which can often be achieved by browsing a wide variety of products and reviews to ensure the best fit.

How to select the right chandelier?

Selecting the right chandelier involves more than just picking a style you love; it also requires considering the size and scale of the fixture in the room. An oversized chandelier can make a dramatic statement and fill the vertical space elegantly for rooms with high ceilings. Conversely, in a smaller room or a space with lower ceilings, a mini chandelier or a medium-sized fixture can offer the same impact without overwhelming the area.

When it comes to lighting, chandeliers are not just decorative items; they also need to provide the right amount of light to brighten the space effectively. This is where the width and number of light sources come into play. A large chandelier with multiple bulbs may be perfect for a wide, open room, while a smaller, less extensive fixture might be more appropriate for a cozy space. It's important to note that the brightness can always be adjusted with dimmers to create the desired ambiance at any time.

Where to install a chandelier?

The installation location of a chandelier is just as important as the fixture itself. A grand foyer is often the ideal place for a statement piece that greets guests with a warm welcome. In contrast, a contemporary chandelier with sleek lines might be better suited for a modern living room or over a dining table. It's crucial to ensure that the chandelier's finish and style complement the room's existing decor and that the fixture is hung at the correct height to extend its elegance throughout the space.

Shop around before you pay.

Price is an important consideration when shopping for chandeliers. While buying the first chandelier that catches your eye might be tempting, it's wise to shop around and compare prices. Many retailers offer a variety of chandeliers at different price points, and customer reviews can provide insight into the quality and value of the fixtures. Remember to contact the retailer with any questions about the products, as good customer service can make the buying process much smoother.


Chandeliers are more than just lighting fixtures; they are a statement of style and elegance that can transform any room. With a variety of sizes, styles, and finishes available, there is a chandelier to fit every space and personal taste. From creating a focal point in a room with high ceilings to adding a touch of sophistication to a small foyer, the right chandelier can brighten your home and elevate every moment with a sparkle of elegance.

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Best Chandelier - Reviews

The Best

AXILIXI - Crystal Gold Pendant Light.

Product information

The luxury design of this modern crystal chandelier features 3 tiers of k9 crystals, a golden metal frame, and unique blue crystals of varying lengths, adding high-end elements to your home. The selected grade crystals create stunning lighting effects, whether the lights are on or off, providing a beautiful ambiance to any space.

Crafted with high-grade K9 crystals, each crystal bar is precisely cut and polished at multiple angles to enhance the sparkling effect from different viewpoints. The addition of unique blue crystals set on crystal prisms elevates the fixture's elegance, while the high-quality metal frame with a shiny gold painted technique ensures durability, resistance to rust, and easy maintenance.

This modern chandelier offers a dimmable feature when used with a dimmer switch and dimmable light bulbs (not included), allowing for adaptable brightness levels to suit different ambiances. The chandelier requires 12 E12-based light bulbs, with a maximum wattage of 40 watts each, and offers the flexibility to choose different color temperatures for diverse lighting effects.

Measuring W 15.7” and H16.3”, this luxury chandelier includes an adjustable metal chain that can be extended to a maximum length of 35.5”. This adaptability enables it to seamlessly complement both high and lower ceilings, offering varied lighting effects based on the ceiling height and positioning, thereby enhancing the overall decor of the space.

This small round chandelier offers versatile application, suitable for various areas such as entryways, kitchen islands, and dining tables. Its adaptability ensures that it blends seamlessly with different interior styles and serves as a focal point in the room.

The semi-flush mount design provides a balance between visual impact and practicality, making it an ideal choice for spaces with limited ceiling clearance.

The chandelier is designed with very solid construction, prioritizing safety and durability, ensuring that it remains a reliable and long-lasting lighting fixture in your home.

Some users may find the installation process somewhat challenging due to the chandelier's intricate crystal design.

The tedious process of hanging the crystals may result in increased maintenance requirements to preserve the chandelier's allure. Regular cleaning and upkeep may be necessary to maintain its sparkling appeal.

Our Thoughts - The AXILIXI Crystal Gold Pendant Light Small Round Chandelier 16” presents a luxurious and versatile lighting solution with durable construction.

Very Good

Swing Arm - Wagon Wheel Chandelier.

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Product information

The hand-wrapped twine iron frame of the wagon wheel chandelier creates a warm and inviting farmhouse atmosphere, with each strand of twine rope adding to the charming aesthetic. The natural and rustic appeal of the twine wrapping complements various interior styles, enhancing the ambiance of the space where it is installed.

Measuring 33" (H) x 48" (D) and featuring a canopy size of 1.25" (H) x 5.51" (D), this wagon wheel chandelier is designed for versatility, making it suitable for sloped ceilings. With a wagon wheel size of 3.1" (H) x 48" (D) and an adjustable length ranging from 38" to 110", it offers adaptability to different spatial configurations and ceiling heights.

Equipped with 24 x E26 bulbs (not included), this chandelier is compatible with various bulb types, including incandescent, LED, CFL, halogen, and Vintage Edison bulbs, with a maximum wattage of 60W per bulb. This versatility in bulb compatibility allows for customized lighting preferences and effects, ensuring the chandelier meets diverse illumination needs.

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With 24 lights and an extra-large size, this chandelier provides abundant illumination, making it a statement piece that effectively brightens and enhances the ambiance of spacious areas.

The combination of a wagon wheel style and twine-wrapped finish results in a unique and eye-catching design, adding character and visual interest to the space where it is installed.

Due to its size and multi-light design, the installation process for the swing arm wagon wheel chandelier may be complex, potentially requiring additional time and effort for proper setup.

The intricate design, particularly the twine-wrapped finish, may require regular cleaning and maintenance to preserve its rustic appeal.

Our Thoughts - The swing arm wagon wheel chandelier presents a rustic and visually captivating lighting solution with ample illumination for large spaces.

Good Value

LaLuLa - Pink Chandelier Lighting with Acrylic Crystals.

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Product information

This pink chandelier is suitable for spaces ranging from 150 sq ft to 200 sq ft. It features a white design with foldable arms, arriving almost fully assembled; simply unfold the arms, connect a few crystal beads, and it's ready to install. This mini crystal chandelier is hardwired for 110V and measures 15.7 inches in diameter, with an adjustable chain length of 15 inches. It requires 4 E12 base light bulbs with a maximum wattage of 40 watts each and is compatible with dimmable bulbs and switches (bulbs and switches not included).

The acrylic crystals used in this chandelier are made of the same material as bulletproof windows and eye lenses, offering exceptional strength and lightweight. This ensures durability and ease of handling, addressing concerns related to fragility and assembly typically associated with glass crystals.

The LaLuLa Pink Chandelier White Chandelier features an elegant design with acrylic crystals, adding a touch of sophistication and charm to the bedroom or other areas where it is installed.

This mini chandelier is suitable for various settings, making it perfect for bedrooms, kids' rooms, and girls' rooms.

Equipped with 4 E12 sockets, this chandelier provides compatibility with various light bulbs, offering flexibility in choosing the desired lighting intensity and warmth.

The chandelier does not come with bulbs included, requiring an additional purchase.

Some users may find the assembly process somewhat complex due to the multi-light design, potentially requiring more time and effort for installation.

Our Thoughts - The LaLuLa Pink Chandelier White Chandelier Lighting with Acrylic Crystals offers an elegant and versatile lighting solution for bedrooms and other spaces.


Wellmet - Crystal Chandelier.

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Product information

The House of Hampton® Jeanel 8-Light Empire Chandelier presents a meticulously crafted design made from premium metal, featuring captivating beauty with 9 tiers of clear crystal droplets that gracefully adorn the chandelier. These exquisite crystal droplets are meticulously designed to capture and reflect light, resulting in a mesmerizing display of shimmering brilliance, enhancing the ambiance of any space.

Measuring H36.6"(93cm) x W20"(51cm) with a max chain length of 35.4"(90cm), this pendant light fixture is compatible with flat, sloped, and vaulted ceilings. It's crucial to ensure that the dimensions of this chandelier are suitable for the intended space, providing an ideal fit for your lighting requirements.

Equipped with 8 x 60W (MAX) E12 Bulbs (not included), this chandelier is compatible with LED, Incandescent, Compact Fluorescent, and Halogen bulbs, offering versatility in bulb options. Additionally, it is dimmable with a dimmer switch (not included), emitting a warm, soft glow that evenly illuminates the entire space with its eight light sources, creating a welcoming and well-lit environment.

The cone-shaped crystal chandelier presents an elegant and timeless design, providing a touch of glamour to your space.

This fixture is well-suited for illuminating foyers, adding an inviting and welcoming atmosphere to your entryway.

With its 8-light configuration, the chandelier offers ample illumination, ensuring that it effectively brightens the room in which it is placed.

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Some users may find the installation process of the Wellmet 20-inch Crystal Chandelier somewhat complex due to its multi-light structure.

The intricate design of the crystal elements may necessitate regular cleaning and maintenance to preserve their luster and brilliance.

Our Thoughts - The Wellmet 20-inch Crystal Chandelier presents an attractive lighting solution with its versatile application, elegant design, and ample illumination.

Maxax - Crystal Chandelier.

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Product information

The K9 crystals used in this ceiling light feature a supreme refractive index, ensuring a greater shimmer compared to other crystal types. Despite its low dispersal properties, this crystal possesses unbelievable clarity, consistently brightening up any room. Being lighter than leaded crystals, these crystals offer freedom from fear of damage or breakage, along with ease of cleaning and movement, providing a maintenance-free lighting solution.

Offering versatility in lighting effects with options for white light, neutral white, and warm light, this flush-mount crystal chandelier requires 4 *E12 base bulbs, including LED, CFL, or Edison bulbs, with a maximum wattage of 60W. It is fully dimmable when used with dimmable bulbs and dimmer switches (bulbs and dimmer switches not included), allowing for customizable illumination to suit various moods and occasions.

The size of this crystal chandelier is essential for the overall measurement of the intended space. Measuring 7.3" in diameter and 15" in height, and requiring 4 E12 60W light bulbs (not included), it produces the ideal amount of lighting for a space ranging from 107 to 162 sq. ft, creating an elegant and luxurious atmosphere that enhances the ambiance of the surroundings.

The crystal strings provide a dazzling and translucent effect, adding a touch of glamour to any space.

Customers appreciate the convenience of installing this fixture, making it an attractive choice for those seeking a hassle-free setup process.

The use of high-quality materials ensures durability and long-lasting performance.

The chandelier requires 4 E12 bulbs, which are not included with the purchase.

The intricate design of the crystal elements may require regular cleaning and maintenance to preserve their luster and brilliance.

Our Thoughts - The Maxax 4 Lights Crystal Chandelier presents an exquisite lighting solution with its elegant design, versatile application, and convenient installation.


Deyidn - Sputnik Chandelier Modern Gold 

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Product information

The sturdy metal construction of this modern chandelier, combined with classic electroplating technology and a golden polished finish, makes it an ideal choice for various settings such as restaurants, living rooms, bars, offices, children's rooms, kitchens, cafes, farmhouses, and other spaces in need of decorative lighting solutions.

Equipped with 3 extension rods, measuring 7.87" and two at 11.81" respectively, this gold chandelier allows for adjustable hanging height to suit individual preferences. The universal buckle design of the canopy enables easy mounting on flat, vaulted, or sloped ceilings, ensuring versatile installation options to complement different spatial configurations.

Compatible with E26 screw bulbs/lamp bases, this Sputnik light fixture accommodates LED, Edison, Incandescent, Compact Fluorescent, and Halogen bulbs. When used with a dimmable switch and dimmable bulbs, it can create a warm and customizable atmosphere (Note: bulbs and dimmer are not included in the chandelier package), offering flexibility in illuminating various settings.

The construction quality guarantees longevity, ensuring that the chandelier remains a centerpiece in your home for years to come.

Its adjustable height flexibility allows for customization according to ceiling height or personal preference, making it suitable for both flat and sloping ceilings.

Some users might find the assembly of the Deyidn Sputnik Chandelier somewhat complex, given its multi-light design.

The chandelier does not come with bulbs included. This means an additional purchase is necessary, which could be an inconvenience.

Our Thoughts - The Deyidn Sputnik Chandelier Modern Gold is a stunning addition to any space, offering a mix of style, quality, and functionality.

FAQ Section

How do I choose the right size chandelier for my room? 
To choose the right size chandelier, consider the room's size and the ceiling's height. A good rule of thumb is to add the room's length and width in feet, and the sum equals the chandelier's diameter in inches. For example, a 12 by 12-foot room would call for a 24-inch wide chandelier.

Can I install a chandelier in a room with low ceilings? 
Yes, you can install a chandelier in a room with low ceilings. Look for mini or small chandeliers that won't hang too low, and ensure they are proportionate to the room's size.

What should I consider when looking at the price of a chandelier? 
When considering the price of a chandelier, factor in the quality of materials, the complexity of the design, and the brand reputation. It's also important to read customer reviews and compare prices across different retailers. Keep in mind that some retailers may offer installation services at an additional cost.

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